Who uses MS Live Search?

". . . it's mostly people that are searching for files on their own hard drive who accidentally click the 'search the net' button." If that theory is correct almost all Live Search sessions would come from Windows systems running IE. Sure enough, they found that an overwhelming 99.82% of all Live Search sessions are Windows machines running IE.

A 90% market share is good for something. It kept the Live Search market at 2.4% last month. IE's market share is 75%. If Firefox, 18% market share, users were just as likely to use Live Search as any other search engine, you'd expect to see 18% of Live Searches on that browser.

Search is THE problem as storage capacities grow. Microsoft's weak showing means they aren't going to beat Google at the current game. MS needs to put it's substantial muscle finding the Next Big Thing in search. It also suggests that taking over Yahoo won't help either; they haven't had any better luck against Google, either!

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