Windows 10: Windows Store to support more than modern apps

With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft is making some fundamental changes to how its software functions. Beyond bringing back the Start menu, Microsoft will also be making some significant changes to the way the Windows Store works.

Currently, you can only buy 'modern' apps in the Windows Store but that will all soon change thanks to a blog post that was quickly pulled by Microsoft. Because of that post, we know that non-modern apps will soon be sold in the store. 

Per the blog post:

The Windows Store will also support more than just modern apps. It will add desktop apps, as well as other types of digital content. We will provide many different ways to pay for apps. And we'll provide an organization store within the public Windows Store, where an org can place their own curated list of public apps as well as specific line-of-business apps that their employees need.  

While we do not know how the business model will work with non-modern apps, we would bet that Microsoft will still be looking to charge vendors a percentage of the selling price for hosting their app, much like Apple does in its App store for OS X.

This type of a model works well for Microsoft but not so much for software vendors. Seeing that Microsoft will easily be able to position the Windows Store as the premier place to find apps for Windows, developers know that they need their content in the store for the best chance of making a sale. But, this will come at the cost of paying Microsoft a fee for the service. 

For new apps, this isn't such a big deal, but for traditional apps like Call of Duty where they are used to selling direct to the customer, the desire for having it in the store for greater visibility is warranted but it cuts into their traditional business model.

Seeing that Microsoft pulled the post likely means that it was all true but that the company is not ready to talk about those new features. You can still view the post at the source link below thanks to Google Cache.

Source: Oliver's blog on MSDN

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