Windows 7 pricing to be revealed next month?

Microsoft's pricing details schedule reveals that they plan to announce how much us ordinary consumers will have to pay for the next version of their operating system in mid-June, according to details seen by Tech ARP.

Whilst earlier this month Microsoft finally confirmed that Windows 7 is on target to be released in time for the holiday season this year it is yet to reveal any details of the pricing for the different editions. Whether Windows 7 is indeed launched on October 15, October 23 or some other date entirely, around about now seems like a good time to announce how much the next version of Windows will set you back.

According to the NDA schedule on Tech ARP, OEMs are already aware of how much it will cost them to install on new systems and retailers have also been informed of how much the boxed editions will cost them to sell. This seems to have been confirmed by Dell who have already revealed they know that "the licensing tiers at retail are more expensive than they were for Vista," and that they fear that the cost will be quite a major obstacle for consumers.

The schedule details give the announcement date as just a few weeks from now in mid-June, although is not any more specific than that. If the prices of Windows 7 will be more that Windows Vista's then it seems that a leaked pricing list published - then quickly retracted - by Ars Technica a few months ago may not have been correct. However, if you are a student don't forget that any pricing details may be irrelevant to you as there are several ways with which you should be able to get Windows 7 at a discount or even completely for free, as we detailed earlier this year.

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