Windows 8 business tablet coming from HP

On Wednesday, HP CEO Meg Whitman said that it expects that the company will release its first x86 processor-based PCs with Windows 8 installed sometime before the end of 2012. Today, Whitman gave out a little more information about HP's Windows 8 plans.

The AFP news service (via Yahoo) reports that during a gathering of Silicon Valley-based entrepreneurs and executives, Whitman confirmed that HP would release a Windows 8-based tablet designed for the business market. According to Whitman, the tablet would be created with stronger security features than the normal tablet, such as the iPad, that is made mostly for consumers.

Whitman said, "There is a big trend to BYOD to work; which is all well and good until there is a security breach. We are going to provide an alternative."

Of course, HP tried to launch its own consumer tablet, the TouchPad, to compete with Apple's iPad in 2011. It was a massive failure and HP killed the TouchPad less than two months after it went on sale. Whitman, who started at CEO of HP after the TouchPad shut down, admitted today that HP's first attempt at a tablet device did not have "a happy ending."

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