Windows 8 merely a codename, but no hints on the name

It seems that Microsoft still hasn't fully decided to just "go with something" with their Windows client naming convention, after speculation was all but confirmed earlier this year when Microsoft Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky noted that Windows 8 was nothing but a codename.

Over the years we've seen version numbers, year dates and grand names like Millennium, XP (short for experience) and Vista used to promote the Windows client, before settling on Windows 7 the last time around. It is however a safe bet that the Server version of Windows 8 will simply be called Windows Server 2012, as that naming convention has been in place since Windows Server 2003 (before that it was Windows 2000 Server).

Not so for the client, however.

As Mary Jo Foley points out over at ZDNet; "In a September 7 blog post about Hyper-V’s inclusion in Windows 8, company officials actually used quotation marks around the name “Windows 8″ as Windows watcher Paul Thurrott noted. And her ZDNet colleague Ed Bott added, Microsoft didn’t use this convention when referring to Windows 7. Aha! The codename-plot theory thickens…."

Microsoft has made it clear that this next version of Windows will be as groundbreaking as Windows 95 was back in the day, with a tag line on the official BUILD website of  “In 1995, Windows changed the PC. BUILD will show you that Windows 8 changes everything”, you know they have something big up their sleeve.

So what name would you give an OS that will supposedly change everything?

Thanks to FMH who posted this tip in the forums, where members are already speculating on the new name.

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