Windows Phone is trending on Yahoo!

Windows Phone has a very small market share at the moment but Microsoft has slowly been creating noise since June to build awareness of the platform. To that degree, Windows Phone is currently trending on Yahoo.

It is clear that consumers are interested in the platform as Windows Phone became a trending item as search volume around that particular topic increased. While Yahoo's search volume pales in comparison to Google's, we can use Google Trends to see that search volume for Windows Phone is picking up on that search engine as well.

These early market indicators are critical for Microsoft as the company needs Windows Phone 8 to take back market share from Android and iOS. If the general populace is warming up to Windows Phone, the live-tile OS could stand a chance to make significant gains in the coming year and help to firm up Microsoft's mobile strategy.

We are still a few weeks away from the official Windows Phone 8 release date and Microsoft knows that it needs to keep the momentum flowing. While the release cycle may not have gone exactly as planned, it seems safe to say that there is significant interest in the platform. With all eyes now on Microsoft to make the next move, it is their time to shine and hopefully they deliver on all fronts.

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