Windows Phone Marketplace hits 3000 apps

Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace appears to be picking up steam, after the store, today crossed the 3000 app mark.

According to tracking site WP7AppList, there are now 3066 apps available for Windows Phone 7 devices, with an average of 69 apps updated each day. The Marketplace hit 1000 apps on October 25 and that figure had doubled by November 8.

Among the other interesting tidbits offered by the site were: 29% of available apps are free, and for paid apps, the average price is USD$1.47. In the 24 hours to 5AM EST today, 88 apps had been updated and 37 added to the Marketplace.

App development on the fledgling platform is expected to increase following yesterday's release of the Visual Basic for the Windows Phone Developer Tools. Using the tools, developers can build and release to the Marketplace Silverlight applications and games for Windows Phones built in Visual Basic. XNA projects are not yet supported.

Yet despite setting an admirable pace thus far, the Windows Phone Marketplace still has some way to go before coming close to its competitors. Apple's App Store hit 300,000 apps in October, and Google's Android Market crossed the 100,000 mark around the same time.

Official apps are now the only source of software for the Windows Phone platform, after the ChevronWP7 unlocker tool was discontinued, putting a premature end to any Windows Phone 7 homebrew scene.

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