Windows Vista Coach Tour Wrap Up

The tour is continuing still with Nick White from Microsoft, Terri Straton from, Brandon LeBlanc from and Charlie (the "excellent driver") still on the bus. The trip is, however, over for Ryan Hoffman. He has "real world obligations this week" including the following entry in his blog:

"This week, I've had an opportunity of a lifetime – I got to spend five days on the Windows Vista Coach. In those five days, I've ridden the bus up and down the east coast, stopping in many cities at malls, computer stores, and as many other places that we could (while maintaining somewhat of a schedule). I've learned a great deal speaking to the many people who have hopped on board the bus, especially the many ways people use PC's running Windows.

Microsoft's marketing line is "The 'wow' starts now" – and we were getting plenty of wows from our visitors. I had a blast demoing all the new features in Windows Vista that I have been using for the past year - Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Calendar, Flip 3D, Instant Search, and Windows Sidebar (to name a few! ). One of the hands-down favorites that people loved to see was Windows Vista's new version of Media Center. I handed out a bunch of business cards, and look forward to keeping in touch with some people I've met on the road. I'm especially anxious to know how Vista is running for them after they get it on their PC's."

Full Article: Ryan's Blog (via Bink)

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