Windows XP SP2 - Looking past the headlines

Today as part of Neowin's ongoing coverage of SP2, we have had the chance to speak further to Microsoft personnel about this new release.

AU will be live today, but unlike recent reports suggest the download will be at full capacity. There should be no limiting of download band with from Microsoft's servers. In fact Microsoft has set a target of 100 million AU downloads of SP2 within the next few months. SP2 will go live on Windows Update at 12 p.m. US time.

Microsoft also informed us that it has had the magazine cover-mount ban lifted, so that SP2 will be available in September with most popular computer magazines.

The confusion caused over whether Pirated copies of XP can install SP2 has been clarified. Apart from the few original keys that were blocked (e.g. Devils own) NO new PID have been added. Microsoft recommends that everyone should upgrade to SP2.

Microsoft also confirmed that its will still be providing updates for XP after SP2, and that there is a SP3 scheduled, tho no further information is available.

There were three main objectives in SP2:

  • To raise level of security

  • New security is manageable, easier to configure. while business can do the same over domain/network

  • Ensure new security shouldn't interrupt usable & maintain compatibility

    Download: XP SP2 from WU (from 12pm US)

    View: SP2 Support Centre

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