WinInfo Short Takes, August 3rd 2012

It has been a long time since we've done a WinInfo Short Takes, even our updates to Neowin haven't accounted for some these really old posts (I'll moan at one of the developers about that!) so apologies in advance if you do check out one or two of the older posts and they look badly formatted.

Well anyway, since we're celebrating another new version of Windows, who better than Paul Thurrott to weigh in on the events surrounding the last week or so? So without further ado, as per usual I have selected two of the Short Takes for your enjoyment.

Windows 8 Leaks

When Microsoft announced the release to manufacturing (RTM) of Windows 8 this week, many wondered why the first individuals to get the new OS—MSDN and TechNet subscribers—would have to wait a full two weeks, until August 15, to get their hands on it. Well, there’s no need to wait: Windows 8 Enterprise has apparently leaked to all your favorite torrents, so aside from some prickly activation issues, it appears that anyone who really wants Windows 8 immediately can make that happen. Microsoft, of course, advises against downloading software from such questionable sources: After all, who knows exactly what you’re getting? And I agree with this advice, though I’d also point out that after all the whining and complaining about Windows 8, no one wants it anyway. Right? Ah, I see. That was all just for show.

My Recommendation for the New Name of Metro

I don’t like the Microsoft recommendations for replacing the name Metro—"Windows 8 Apps" and "Windows 8 UI," respectively—because they’re so temporary. Windows 8 is going to come and go, but the name of this experience needs to be something that lasts between Windows versions, much like the term “desktop” has. Fortunately, there’s a great name we can use, and it’s ready to go: WinRT. You might recall that the new Windows Runtime in Windows 8 is also called WinRT, and that it is to Metro what Win32 is to the desktop environment. So there’s absolutely no reason we couldn’t simply call this thing WinRT and move on from there. It’s a great name.

Follow the link below for the others. Maybe I'll do another one next week, if you want!

Source: WinInfo Short Takes.

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