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If you can get past the poor formatting that Paul has somehow worked into his article this week (PDA blogging?) then you can read up on his important takes of last weeks news (also covered on Neowin). I have chosen two that our members furiously debated here on Neowin and on our forums, more notably the discontinuation of XP at the end of this year. I guess it is 5 years old, going on 6 after all!

Microsoft Plots to Kill XP
And speaking of XP's impending death, Microsoft said this week that it will stop providing XP to PC makers and retail stores by the end of 2007, you know, just in case anyone thought they could get in the way of Vista sales by buying XP.

"This has been the practice at Microsoft for some time, and this process provides a gradual transition away from a previous version of an OS, from full availability, to availability only through a distributor, and finally availability via downgrade rights," a Microsoft representative told CNET

Office 2007 Flaw Reports Untrue, According to Microsoft
This week, Microsoft investigated reports of four flaws in its Office 2007 system and determined that the only flaws were in the reports. According to the company, the reported flaws aren't true and don't "demonstrate any vulnerability in Word 2007 or any Office 2007 products."

Microsoft also complained that it wasn't told of the flaws before their public disclosure. Anyway, the point here is simple: If you read about possible flaws in Office 2007 this week, relax. The reports are bogus.

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