Xbox 360 - Game Quality Control

The Xbox 360 isn't really the brand new kid on the block anymore. With more than four months under its belt, you would think that developers now have a pretty solid grasp on how things work. They may not be able to squeeze every ounce of power out of those three cores just yet, but things like smooth, stable game play shouldn't be an issue, should it? With the recent release of Major League Baseball 2k6 by Take 2 Interactive, many gamers have been frustrated with the game's apparent inability to function correctly with hard drive capable 360s. Those without the hard drive seem to be problem-free. Many avid baseball gamers want to know how mistakes like these can slip through the cracks. Where was the testing? Where was the quality control? This is after gamers waited through three delays, which were supposedly for "quality control". In the past, Microsoft has even made it a point to say that the Live system is not a "get out of sloppy coding free" card. These types of mistakes, while perhaps not devastating, can be very frustrating for people who now have to shell out upwards of $60 per game. In the future, one can only hope that either developers or Microsoft will step up their quality control, and that unfortunate situations like this can be avoided.

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