Xbox Live Arcade game achievements to get increased [Update]

If a new rumor is to be believed, people who purchase and download upcoming Xbox Live Arcade games will soon be able to get more out of them, at least in terms of increasing their Gamertag score. is reporting via an unnamed but inside source that developers making future Xbox Live Arcade games will be able to add more achievements to those games.

Currently, the base amount of Xbox Live Arcade game achievements is set at 200 points. If a developer chooses to add DLC content to the game, the achievements can increase to a total of 350 points. According to the article, the base number of achievements in XBLA games will soon increase to 400 points. If a game uses DLC content, that base amount can increase to a total of 800 achievement points.

The article claims that XBLA games that are released between April 1st and May 31st will have the option of releasing their games using either the old or new achievement limits. After June 1st, all XBLA games will have to abide by the new achievement points. So far, Microsoft has yet to comment on if these new achievement limits for Xbox Live Arcade games are in fact going into effect.

Update - Microsoft's Major Nelson blog site has now confirmed the increase for achievements in Xbox Live Arcade games.

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