Mailspring 1.1.5


MailSpring is an open source email client application which support Windows, MacOSX and Linux. Mailspring supports all IMAP providers, including Gmail, Office 365 and iCloud. It sports features such as an unified inbox, snoozing, reminders, templates, offline search, and support for Gmail labels. Mailspring is free for Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, if you use features like Snooze, Send Later, Send Reminders and Read Receipts often, you'll need to purchase a subscription to Mailspring Pro within the app. Mailspring Pro costs $8/mo and helps support the development of Mailspring.

About Mailspring ID

When you install Mailspring for the first time, you'll need to create a Mailspring ID. Your Mailspring ID is separate from your email account(s) and you can use any email address or password you'd like. Mailspring does not store your email passwords in the cloud. It syncs only the minimal amount of data required to power features like snooze, send later, etc., and uses a hashing mechanism to identify emails and associate it's metadata across installs.

If you create a Mailspring ID and later decide you don't want one, you can sign in to the Mailspring ID dashboard ( at any time and permanently delete your account and all data associated with it.

Mailspring 1.1.5 fixes:

  • Mailspring no longer crashes when trying to connect some IMAP accounts that it cannot resolve to a preset configuration. #739

  • Mailspring no longer requires you to manually provide information for IMAP accounts that are aliases of other proivders, like #736

  • An error no longer replaces the composer when an "emoji mark" cannot be found. #685

  • When you click a mis-spelled word, Mailspring no longer selects the entire word. #677

  • When you send mail, Mailspring no longer puts your hostname in the MIME Message-ID.

  • In the composer you can now edit existing links and links don't open by default unless you control-click them. #702, #704, #639

  • The colon character (:) no longer breaks automatic link detection. #695

  • When you remove an account, Mailspring resets its local cache for that account, removing stored data on disk. #724

  • Images with width and height values containing decimals no longer break logic designed to autosize them for display.


  • Mailspring now uses Electron 1.8.3, which includes two security improvements.

Download: Mailspring 1.1.5 | Other Operating Systems | 84.9 MB (Open Source)
View: Mailspring Homepage | Mailspring Screenshot

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