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Zain Adeel

i just wana share. I was watching that build video. About metros 8 rules or something

and we get a peek into the taskbar of traditional UI in metro style. fully grey.

If.. they replace the aero with a grey border of 5px all round an app. And make it all flat. It will go with metro really well well still retaining the framed dragable properties we love about windows.

Also. If app makers (legacy) make square icons to go on that grey tasbar. Thats big WIN for me :p

That is Build 8102 btw. But the UI seems had some work done over the newer builds we see.


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win8china : new Task Manager functions in the latest win8 builds

Bing Translate

Exclusive: Win8 strong and clever new task manager

Run multi-tasking and handling of the personal computer, such as current smartphones, iPad tablet computer can not match, after all, much more entertaining than improving the efficiency of those devices. From Windows XP to
and then to
, Task Manager will become increasingly important, because he is the operating performance of the overall system health, report of the Centre and the Central Administration.

developer preview version of give you a glimpse into the new Win8 Task Manager to view, but 3 months have passed, into 2011 Windows8 after last month's changes looked back and has really many, new Win8 Task Manager becomes more humane, listening to
road-map and text with you all-

First of all, we see that process in the right-click menu on and joined the
Search online
feature! What does it mean? Is that after you click this, inside the current process in the search engine to search for, so that you understand the unknown processes. Whether or not viruses, rootkits, inclusion of the who's who on Earth is, investigate it know.

From this point of the above, the new manager has indeed become humanized many you see first screenshot of the site, click the right mouse button on the process, the menu there is a Search online (online search), course immediately above the Open file location, where the folder is to open the process executable, this is a process that exists in the Task Manager of previous builds -----


After clicking Search online, Microsoft will open the system's default
search on this process, Win8 sure is to call the IE browser and Microsoft's Bing search engine to search ?


See search results in a graph on the right?

Microsoft is also humanity, while keeping the process executable file name and program name at the same time as keywords for search (TM.exe Task Manager), which is more clear.

However last spoke about this topic, Tencent QQ TM software is also used in TM.exe, this may under Windows8 will encounter some problems.

Of course, in addition to this improvement, there are many details are changed, such as the User below the label for the current number of processes that the user has also been summary, open the resource monitor button names have also changed--


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further to above post, seems win8china is wrong about the "search on line"; this is available in WDP already. LOL. :D

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WZOR talked about the beta schedule:

Google translate:

In recent days, the network is circulating rumors about the timing of the mass release public beta versions of Microsoft Windows 8 beta.

So this weekend we (Sacred Cow and Uncle-TSYA) decided to "check in guests" to Steve Sinovski (Steven Sinofsky) for a cup - another coffee and ask him about the most intimate, ie, about the progress of the Microsoft Windows 8 and that when we finally be able to install and test the beta version of Windows 8 beta.

And so what we found out:

The first, indeed, the case for promotion to the availability of Windows 8 beta are highly successful, and probably serious delays to achieve the quality of assemblies corresponding to the public beta release will not be!

The second most likely already are in operation escrow build Escrow Windows 8 beta, the process of "signing" (sign-off) Windows 8 beta will begin on December 12, 2011.





8169.0.winmain.111208-1905 - the last date the assembly ...

Now, that with regards to timing of the availability of Windows 8 beta:

- The very future beta build will be collected up to Christmas ie until 24 December 2011, but then which of the collected escrow (Escrow) assemblies will become the official Microsoft Windows 8 Beta will be known only by 13 January 2012.

If you do not have any difficulties, and will not be revealed critical errors, then perhaps that this date is over and the process of "signing" (sign-off) build in Windows 8 beta.

From 10 to January 13, 2012 will be held Consumer Electronics Show CES 2012, this exhibition will fly for the first time (on an interesting devayse) information from a representative of Microsoft on the final Windows 8 Beta.

- On January 30, 2012 in the Microsoft internal conference is scheduled, ie, the global corporate seating which will debut as Microsoft employees and partners of the company official beta version of Microsoft Windows 8 beta.

Likely result of these gatherings and will be "accidental leaks" Microsoft Windows 8 Beta in the world, at least we will try this ...

other dates:

- Windows 8 RC-version - April 2012 will be represented at the event MIX 2012;

- Internal RTM release of Windows 8 may appear in late June - July, ie in the summer of 2012, at the same time, it will be OEM and corporate partners.

Since the introduction of internal RTM release is usually 3 months before the first device and the beginning of RETAIL sales of the product. ie this October - November 2012.

As they say tarot cards started selling Microsoft Windows 8 starts January 14, 2013

PS: Unfortunately, Steve Buller (Steven Ballmer) we could not talk, he was very busy ragrebaniem "treasures" in SKYPE and NOKIA. Weather in Helsinki and Tallinn are nasty, rain, sleet, therefore, had to stop Steve Mount Korvatunturi (Korvatunturi) in Lapland at the Yule goat Joulupukki (Joulupukki), Steve promised to return home in Redmond (Redmond) just by January 30 ...

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This is a post in PCBeta by a member who is known to be a MSChina employee, he posts rarely but good infos, this time is about some new features to be seen in the win8 beta:


I modified the google translate so it would be more understandable:

1.17 years of the start button officially retired, replaced by moving the mouse to the "start area"; there will be a preview of the start screen. (**LOL, now people can really say good-bye to the win7 start menu, and also all the WDP registry treaks.)

2. Charms from the right side of the screen rather than the left start. (**move mouse to either top-right or bottom-right.)

3 applications can be dragged from the top of the screen to the side of the screen and dock.

4 Close the application's functionality: Pulled the program from the top down to the bottom of the screen to shut-down. (**canouna had shown this new function)

5 multiple-choice starting screen support.

6 Start screen thumbnail view.

7. Push scrolling: move mouse to the edge of the screen then you can start scrolling start screen, without the need to use the bottom scroll bar.

8. "All Apps View": inside the Suites, Office, Adobe, etc. will be automatically assigned to a group.

9 start screen to be more easily re-arrange Tiles. Tiles can be pulled to the bottom or top of the screen, start menu will automatically become a thumbnail view to facilitate the release of Tile. When the mobile Tiles will be displayed more clear instructions to tell the user the effect of reorganization.

10 updated the application-switch animation, Charms start button animation.

11 an application dragged from the left of the screen can always move back to shutdown or switch into the next program, or use mouse scroll wheel to switch.

12 Wide Tiles can be reduced to a narrow range in order to increase the screen space.

13 high-resolution displays can control the number of apps to appear in the start-screen .

14 new Apps are fun. Everyone's doing very fine App, which zoom into contact support thumbnail view, also supports Docked mode following the chat side of the screen, very useful.(**I don't actually understand how it works, maybe canouna will be telling us better)

Edit: canouna in MDL has commented: "All is old news" him, of course, because he is running 816x; but then we know that what the PCBeta post said are real. :)

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Yup it's real and old, any OEM can know that too ;)

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It seems the horrible green has been dropped and they're using dark blue now? or is that just a temporary color? or is it even adjustable now :D?

edit: I guess it's changeable since multiple colors has been shown now, green from win8 dev preview, dark blue from china leaks, and black from microsoft videos....So what is it now? Black? Blue? or Adjustable?

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Yup it's real and old, any OEM can know that too ;)

Tks for confirming, hope we don't have to wait for Ballmer to show them in CES.

btw, nice avatar. :D

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Funny because some software aren't allowed on thoses country too, like Java.

Ho well, i wish that Java isn't allowed anywhere, worldwide, it's a such a crap compared to C# :/

I'd rather say that C# is no better than Java. I am a Java expert and the way microsoft has copied Java to make C# is just preposterous!

Whatever! I just dont like integration of metro UI in Windows PC operating system. Its just not done. Sounds impractical to me. I dont know why but this new OS should only be for tablets.

And I hope they fix bugs this time. I'd assume that the new Windows 8 would not have blue screen of death issues. :D

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George P

I'd rather say that C# is no better than Java. I am a Java expert and the way microsoft has copied Java to make C# is just preposterous!

Whatever! I just dont like integration of metro UI in Windows PC operating system. Its just not done. Sounds impractical to me. I dont know why but this new OS should only be for tablets.

And I hope they fix bugs this time. I'd assume that the new Windows 8 would not have blue screen of death issues. :D

I'm no expert but if you mean copied java as in, copied the syntex, then yes, that was the goal/idea from the start.

No BSODs are nice but all it takes, on any system is a hardware failure or a bad driver and that's just something MS can't really control on their side.

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win8china posted some screen-shots of the Windows Store, it's the Simplified Chinese win8, the translations are in red.

On clicking the "Store" tile, the "store screen" will appear:


And here are the different groups:


The words:"?? ****" means the Apps is free, because for Beta, all Apps would be free:




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Seems win8china has also got a copy of the beta-build, and has put up some installation screen-shots - I guess there will be more to come when they start running and testing.

- The background color seems to have been changed to a new tone


Notice the keyboard button


On clicking, the virtual screen keyboard comes up


instead of asking if you wish to make a "New Installation"; now is more straight-forward and asks if you want to "Keep Nothing"


win8china now installing the build, stay tuned.


More to come :



Settings - and the word we like to see "Windows 8 Beta"


Notice the key button, on clicking it shows what password you have just put in.


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Funny to see people using this beta of the next OS but they still don't get how to use the snipping tool included many years to take screenshot, instead they are still using paint.

Maybe they should learn how to use the current OS before trying the next one :/ .

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Steven P.


Thanks, we're covering.

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Thanks, we're covering.

wait....canouna said watermark is fake, pending his reply
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Steven P.

pcbeta watermark?

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Steven P.

no, build tag

They haven't been wrong in the past? I'll make sure to add that this is not yet confirmed by other sources then?

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This is the reply from the PCBeta member, he promised the pics are totally legit.So take your decision.... :)


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Earlier, Engadget had posted a report about MS in CES, and was mentioned in Neowin News. Now, eweek posted their report:

Consumer Electronics Show: 10 Things You'll See in 2012


MS had shown off the SamSung7 in Sept., there shouldn't be any doubt they would show a win8 tablet in CES, what's interesting would be which win8? WDP (nothing significant) or beta(beta-escrow) .....go out with a bang? :o

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Merry Christmas !! win8china has posted some new screen-shots of the win8 beta, here we go:

Lock-screen with web-connection status


Log-in screen


On clicking the ease-of-access, a male voice for screen-reading instead of female voice




On double-clicking of a file format not recognized by win8 beta(seems the pdf reader is not available yet in the beta), notice the new option "Look for an App in the Store" in the metro dialogue box.


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That looks quite rough. Here's hoping that the final desktop interface gets a more unified look.

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George P

The UI difference between the old aero desktop and the new metro start screen/menus probably won't match fully till Windows 9 I bet, that's probably when we'll see the big changes to the desktop itself more.

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