Windows 8 8220 x64 Screens Leaked :D

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I agree with you.. Looks like windows 7 is my "2000" lol

More directed to the person you quoted from, but here are *some* of the new enhancements for desktop users It's most certainly not by any means a comprehensive list, as I'm just picking up things off the top of my head.

  • Improved multi-monitor support (separate task bars, stretching wallpapers, etc.)
  • ISO mounting
  • Improved Copy & Moving
  • Windows Reset & Refresh
  • Improved networking stack (faster connections)
  • Greatly improved start up, shut down & wake up spends
  • Base memory usage reduced by over 100MB
  • Built in antivirus solution (Integrated MSE)
  • Secure boot (attempts to prevens rootkits / malware from interfering with boot up)
  • Windows To Go (Entire Windows environment on a USB drive)
  • DirectAccess improvements that makes managing networks easier for admins
  • Simplified setup and deployment in network environments
  • Syncing of settings over the cloud of your settings to all your PC's
  • Storage Spaces

The desktop upgrades certainly seem like they'll be on par with the move from Vista -> 7, even if you ignore Metro.

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we will see more and more tablets in coming years, however traditional desktops wont be fully replaced...

I look forward to buying a desktop PC in 2032.

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