Rammstein: Live in Atlanta


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Last week (April 23rd, 2012) I went and saw Rammstein live in Atlanta.

I wrote a full review on the show, but I'll just keep it simple here.

It was the best concert I have ever been to. Not only great music, but it is also an amazing spectacle. I have been a fan for around 12 years, so this was pretty amazing for me, and definitely a night to remember. And I got to be so damn close too!

My brother and I both went to the show, and he brought his HD camera, and the quality turned out amazingly well for how close we were (sound I mean), so if anyone is interested, here are our videos from the show. The only full song he recorded was the last video below, unfortunately. It's hard to just record when you want to jump and move around and jam! Cheers!

(1080p definitely recommended!)


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haha i always thought rammstein was like some kind of joke/comedy group from when I first saw their videos like 10 years ago. Didn't even know they were still round

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haha i always thought rammstein was like some kind of joke/comedy group from when I first saw their videos like 10 years ago. Didn't even know they were still round

They are very much still around, and yea their music is different. But they have plenty of non joke/comedy songs. Some really kickass ones at that. Some of my favorites:

ind of a joke video but still great song


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Awesome taste firey! I love Mein Land, though a lot of fans don't, and Tier is probably one of my top 3 favorite songs. Sad they didn't play THAT live on their Best Of tour, but oh well.

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Awesome taste firey! I love Mein Land, though a lot of fans don't, and Tier is probably one of my top 3 favorite songs. Sad they didn't play THAT live on their Best Of tour, but oh well.

haha thanks man, you too. Some of my favorite songs are Rammstein songs. I'd love to see them in concert, ever since I watched Live Aus Berlin.

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