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I dislike the 10min idea.. I read most of the articles from the clicking the links in the IRC.. if I get a 'You need to wait 10min before you can view...' I probably won't bother returning to it.. Subs are supposed to be bonuses for people that pay, not a handycap for those that don't imho.

Well the links won't be made public until it is published for all.

if a subscriber gives you the link on IRC before it is made public, well then wait 10 minutes or pay up for a sub.

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Well the links won't be made public until it is published for all.

if a subscriber gives you the link on IRC before it is made public, well then wait 10 minutes or pay up for a sub.

So that means the subs now have to wait or refresh the site manually to see new content, rather than just getting it from the bot ?

Either way it seems annoying, either to them or too everyone else..

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Andre S.

Well the only thing I valued was the blog, and I was about to ask for improvements to that feature, but since it's gone, I don't see any point in subscribing anymore.

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