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Windows 8 Default Profile breaks "Metro Tiles"?

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Unrealism2k    0

ok, I am wanting to make a custom profile so when new people log in they all have the same settings. so here is what I used to do in Windows up to 7.

1. Make a user called "Template" with Admin rights.

2. Login as "Template" and customize profile (look, keyboard settings, background, etc)

3. Reboot, login as another admin account.

4. Copy "Template" profile to "Default" and give permission to everyone.

5. Login as user and all the settings are retained.

I done this process for years and never had any issues. Until Windows 8! Now when I do this, it works... with the exception of the Metro tiles. I can not open Microsoft Store, IE, Weather, Mail, Etc. All I get is a splash screen the the tile closes. So does anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong? Or is there a fix?

Thanks in advance...


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