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Win8 Stop Screen Sleeping on Lock Screen

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REM2000    136

Hi All

I have Windows 8 Pro on my Desktop, it's not connected to a domain and is stand alone.

I have a password on my account, when i am away from my computer i lock the screen to prevent unauthorised access (where the computer is there are other people).

When i come back to the computer, even after 5mins, the display is asleep and i need to press the keyboard twice to get it to wake up and then to prompt for a password, sometimes it doesn't register the first click and i have entered a wrong password because of it.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to disable or adjust the display sleep for a lock screen. I have checked the advanced power management settings and the screen is set to sleep after 60mins (i adjusted it to this), but i can't find anything for the lock / login screen.

Ive checked the metro/start screen settings and i couldn't find nothing in them either,

Thanks for any help

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Chris123NT    361

I've been looking for a way to fix this as well, happens in 8.1 as well.  It's got to have something to do with default power policy but I'm not sure.


And yes I know this thread is old, but it's better than starting a new one :p


EDIT: Found a solution for anyone wondering:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
; Created by: Shawn Brink
Merge that reg file and it will be a new setting called console lock timeout in Advanced Power Settings in the control panel.

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