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Windows Biometrics not working with "run as a different user"

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TPreston    5,387

Hi im trying to setup some RSAT clients, The users will logon to the devices with their standard credentials and get domain user access afterwards they will use "run as a different user" to run the server manager or tmg console etc using the dedicated account for this role.


I want to do this without giving them the plaintext password for the specific role/server they are permitted to monitor/configure so ive enabled biometric domain login and tried to run the server manager account as a different user and this is displayed




Then before I can test the login the fingerprint option disappears and trying to sign in with the reader just causes the dialog to shake.


Can anyone suggest a fix or some other software suitable for this ?

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ITFiend    38

I do this all the time with smart cards, but I've never done so with a fingerprint system. If your biometric scanner lacks proper modern miniport drivers, and only uses a custom application that hijacks the standard Windows Logon process, you may not be able to do it with the device you currently are using.


What exactly are you using?


Also, are you absolutely certain you already have installed the most up to date version of your drivers installed?  If this is using the standard Microsoft biometric interfaces, odds are a miniport driver should immediately come down through Windows Update... though if your server is set to reject driver updates from Windows Update, this will definitely cause problems with receiving miniport device driver updates.

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