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Chinese Govt Offices Forbidden To Use Windows 8/8.1

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AnotherITguy    166

Hacking beginning in 3...2....1...oh.. wait... too late


XP? Seriously... unless you have an embedded solution that will only run on XP, or an app that is really old... now it might be a good idea to start thinking of what your upgrade path out of XP might look like..


Looking at you china.

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FaiKee    285

Seems MS is not having their good time in China, "MS Xiao Bing"(MS Bing Junior) - a chat robot in WeChat was banned by WeChat just 3 days after release on May 29. :cry:




WeChat is a mobil chatting network run by Tencent Holdings, works exactly like WhatsApp.


MS's Xiao Bing page is now dead, maybe they could bring the robot back to life some day, who knows?



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