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A lot of this is really awesome.  New management is doing wonders for the company.


This is still old management. he JUST started, you can't credit him for this. 

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George P

What I think MS will do is release PC games on the Windows Store first, I don't see why or some technical reason you can't sell desktop win32 apps/games through the store if you want to and with the store being front and center on the desktop now with the update and the changes with the 2nd update they could do that.   That means like with Halo Spartan Ops, it'll hit the windows store first (and phone and xbox if it's a universal app) then after a bit they could release it on steam as well, no harm no foul. 


MS already lets desktop apps be listed in the store, might as well take the next step and host/sell them as a option for a small fee, it's $19 a month to put apps on the store (winrt) they could offer legacy apps for less, $9.99 or even $5.99 a month and no revenue split.   EA has it's own store, Ubisoft has it's own store, I don't see why MS shouldn't do the same with desktop games with the Windows Store.

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Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC and Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 2 RTM release notes:




The CodeLens feature in Visual Studio provides developers with a heads-up display for finding information quickly without having to leave their code and offers insights from various available Indicators without losing code context.



Work Item Tagging is defined by a user and adds meta-data to a work item which enables a quick way to filter data without having to create queries or additional custom filters.



added the ability in response to customer requests to set a new start date for Cumulative Flow Diagrams, which restarts the diagram?s calculations based on the new start date.


added a new team setting for configuring working days for a project team ? effectively providing the ability to remove weekend days from burndown charts (a highly requested feature on the Visual Studio UserVoice).


made charts even more useful by enabling the pinning of charts to a team or project?s home page; making it simple to keep everyone informed on the data points the team finds most valuable.


enabled customizable work item chart series colorization via a simple to use color picker


added a new feature for exporting test plans, test suites, or test cases together with their respective properties to an HTML file for various offline uses (such as sharing with others over email or easier printing).


added a new feature called ?Shared Parameters?, which enables sharing of Test Case Parameters by consolidating similar parameter data in a single location and referencing it across multiple test cases.


improved Git source control implementation:

  • Use the Annotate feature (aka blame) with Git
  • Amend recent local commits using Visual Studio (similar to the command line: ?git amend?), as long as the commits have not yet been pushed to the TFS repository
  • Push to or pull from a selected remote repository in Team Explorer without having to use the command line
  • Roll back a commit to undo a check-in more easily
  • Monitor or cancel long-running Git operations
  • Use Ant or Maven on the build controller to build Java code managed in a Git repository (requires Team Explorer Everywhere (TEE) Update 1)

revamped the Team and Project home pages with a more visually appealing design that makes better use of screen real-estate on wider screen resolutions.





  • Debugger
  • Performance Tools & Analyzers
    • A new CPU Usage tool is now available in the Performance and Diagnostics hub that can be used with WPF, Console, Windows Store 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 apps. This tool provides data on what functions are using the CPU and to what degree. This empowers the developer to make decisions about where to focus their effort optimizing their app code to achieve the best possible performance
    • A new Memory Usage tool is now available in the Performance and Diagnostics hub for analyzing new universal Windows apps or any app built using the Windows runtime using C#/VB/C++ and XAML
    • It is now possible to run more than one tool at a time in the Performance and Diagnostics hub while maintaining a common timeline so that you can save time, correlate data across tools to get better insight into performance issues, and inform performance tradeoffs
  • IntelliTrace
  • Windows Store Apps
    • Trigger a Prefetch when debugging Windows 8.1 store apps; enabling developers to manually trigger the Prefetch caching to test their program?s behavior or to validate that ContentPrefetcher is properly registered
    • Use Windows Azure Notification Hubs to send test notification messages to Windows Store or Phone apps and check the results in real-time
  • Code Editor improvements and two new editors (for SASS & JSON files):
    • New SASS editor with features such as colorization, variable and Mixins IntelliSense, syntax validation, goto definition, color picker, and more
    • New JSON editor with features such as syntax validation, colorization, outlining, and support for IntelliSense (through JSON schema)
    • Improvements to LESS editor with features such as Knockout IntelliSense Upgrade, New URL Picker in HTML, Razor, CSS, LESS or SASS pages, and more
  • Browser Link support for HTTPS connections, Single Page Applications (SPA), and static html files
  • Updated ASP.NET default project templates for the latest platform releases including ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Web Pages, SignalR, and more
  • New features for Microsoft Azure developers including:
    • Improved getting started experience with Azure via a new capability that can optionally link newly created websites directly from the ?File > New Project? dialog to a Windows Azure website or Virtual Machine. This enables simple publishing when needed later
    • Two new features in Server Explorer for Windows Azure Websites: a remote view feature that allows viewing/editing of live website files and the ability to view log files remotely
    • Brand new tooling support for working with Mobile Services that leverage .NET, including a new template for getting started with the new project type, as well as support for Remote Debugging
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Make sure to sign up for .NET Native and Project Orleans on Microsoft Connect!


It's a simple sign up process, and you almost get immediately accepted.

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Build Day 2 Keynote

You can create and manage virtual machines in Visual Studio.

You can capture images of databases instantly

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Deploy tools and configurations onto a virtual machine using Puppet or Powershell

Windows Azure will now support Java.

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George P

Lots of VS news so far, they're making it an even more powerful.

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My prediction is that Microsoft will partner with Valve.

I think they are buying them. When Steve Ballmer was all of a sudden specifically mentioning nokia in interviews,way before news came out about talks that had taken place, and even before the Microsoft/nokia windows phone exclusivity deal, you knew something was up.

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I think they are buying them. When Steve Ballmer was all of a sudden specifically mentioning nokia in interviews,way before news came out about talks that had taken place, and even before the Microsoft/nokia windows phone exclusivity deal, you knew something was up.

They had a Steam guy for a while, and then fired him. Maybe they figured out just having one guy from Valve wouldn't cut it, but all of Valve would.

They've also said they're going to watch the Steam Machines with great interest.

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George P

Rumor has it that we'll be getting Windows Phone 8.1 on the 14th


But this is probably in light of the rumor that they will ship on the 14th to manufacturers.


I still think it'll be the 10th.


Not far off either way, my phone is ready.

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Dev preview is already installed on my phone from the last GDR update so.

Unfortunately the general update from MS tends to be less comprehensive than the final release with fixes from Nokia on Nokia phones. But it should be ok ape bough anyway. I can take what I get until official release in July or whatever.

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      Windows 10 WinRT API Pack lets developers add WinRT features to WPF and WinForms
      by João Carrasqueira

      Last week, Microsoft released .NET Core 3.0 along with a plethora of updates for its developer tools. Now, to go along with that, the company has announced the release of the Windows 10 WinRT API Pack.

      Thew new API pack lets developers add features that have typically been exclusive to WinRT (including UWP) apps to WinForms and WPF. These include geolocation, Windows AI, machine learning, the WebView feature for web content, and XAML controls.

      The API pack is available as a NuGet package on, and it supports Windows 10 version 1803 and above. To add it to your project, you'll first need to set it up to support Package Reference. Then, select the package that applies to the version of Windows 10 you want to target, and you'll be able to use WinRT features in either WPF and WinForms apps.

      To see an example of WPF or WinForms app using WinRT features, you can check out Microsoft.Toolkit on GitHub. The toolkit is using controls for features such as WebView, XAML, inking, and geolocation data. You can also download the Windows Community Toolkit Sample App from the Microsoft Store to see the controls in action without getting into the code.

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      1. Malware / AV Scan (nothing found)
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      5. Re-registering the DLL files for the BITS service
      6. Clearing out the Windows Update cache
      none of these solutions seem to have helped, can anyone think of anything else that might work?
      OS: x64 8.1 Pro
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      An official Steam Authenticator app could be in the works for Windows devices
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      Steam Authenticator is an application that Valve introduced to increase the level of security for Steam accounts. It generates a code every time a user logs in to their Steam account. This code can only be used once, changes every 30 seconds, and according to Valve, is "unguessable". While this method of two-factor authentication made its way to Android and iOS users, Windows users were left out in the cold - and had to resort to third-party alternatives.

      However, now it appears that an official app could be in the works for Windows devices. The source code for the app which can be found on GitHub (via Reddit), contains numerous references to "WinRT" and "WinRT clients", leading many to believe that they could soon get their hands on the Steam Authenticator app.

      With that being said, it is important to note that there is still a line of commented code which states "// no version minimum for Windows phones", while correctly indicating that mobile clients for Android and iOS exist, so it probably isn't a good idea to get your hopes up too soon.

      Many people on the original Reddit thread claim that this is just the Javascript code for the login page, stating that:

      Similarly, there has been no official statement from Valve as of yet regarding Steam Authenticator being developed for Windows devices. But while Windows Phone may only command a measly 0.7% market share, it is notable that Windows 10 is on over 300 million devices, so a UWP Steam Authenticator app possibly isn't off the table as well.

      Source: Reddit via MSPoweruser

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      on my laptop i have w8.1 pro 64bit and on my desktop i have w7 64bit pro
      i don't want to upgrade them to w10
      i know GWX Control Panel ,i know the option in policy 
      Turn off the upgrade to the latest version of Windows through Windows Update &
      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate] "DisableOSUpgrade"=dword:00000001  
      but is there a list of update important and optionals (mosty optional ) to hide ?
      i don't want to have nasty surprice
      i looking for a list of these updates to hide
      can you help me please?
    • By DavidM
      I decided to move to from Windows 7 to 8.1 today on my laptop, and cannot figure out how to stop the Silverlight Update Express that keeps rolling in! There are 9 optional updates for Silverlight, and I keep hiding them, and hiding them, but they won't stop. Why do they have nine separate optional updates for the same damn thing? Are they trying to drive me crazy? I thought Microsoft was killing off Silverlight anyway?
      Oh, and you don't even want to know how many Office updates that keep showing up for the parts that didn't even get installed... well, ok since you asked nicely, 32 updates for the parts that didn't even get installed.
      On the plus side, wow, compared to the Windows 7 updates, this thing flew! So it wasn't all bad!
      Thanks for listening!