WDDM 2.0 NV driver released via WU

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Can anyone with a GTX series 9 give it a go and see if it provides DX12 feature level?

Today I grabbed new drivers from AMD through Windows Update as well for my R9 290X but it only sports up to DX 11.1.

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link to the driver: 


Be-warned  This driver is Windows 10 exclusive  , attempting to install on older Windows release may produce undesirable result or break Windows 


PS: the driver support Geforce 6 series /Geforce 6M Series and above 







Release note: 





These release notes describe the NVIDIA Release 349 family of graphics drivers for
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PS: i am using 780 GTX


mine is the 770M mobile. I think mobile cards have less pipes than their desktop counterparts


my bad bro. I was looking under display and not render. whoops. my nvidia is also WDDM 2.0

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amd radeon 290

Yeah, I've got the same.

After reading the release notes of NVIDIA is clear that those of you with Maxwell have early limited support for DirectX12. If only the Starswarm demo/benchmark got updated to support DirectX12, you could try it.

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