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Stop Windows Update from installing Audio Drivers?

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Lamp0    638

I want to use Microsoft's "High Definition Audio Device" driver on my laptop, as opposed to the Dell/Realtek drivers. But Windows Update will not allow it, it keeps downloading & installing the Realtek drivers.


I thought I had got it to stick using the "Show or hide updates"(wushowhide.exe) package, but a day later Windows reinstalled the Realtek drivers again...


Is there anyway to stop Windows 10 from updating specific drivers?

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techbeck    6,907

Here you go...



Stops windows from installing all devices drivers.  Do not think you can specify which ones.


Out of curiosity, why do you not want to use the Realtek drivers?



Saw this....



Had the same problem with the Realtek Audio drivers. Just uninstalling the drivers led to Windows 10 reinstalling them automatically during the next boot. Rather than permanently stopping all driver updates as suggested by some of the other comments, found that just this driver can be stopped from the Device Manager. Select the device with the problem driver, in my case Realtek HD Audio, go to the Driver tab then click on Roll Back Driver. This removes the problem driver replacing it with the standard windows driver. Windows 10 remembers this action and no longer tries to reinstall the driver.


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Vince800    255

Yes, seems strange not to want the Realtek drivers, is there an issue with the Realtek ones?

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erpster3    32

also OP did not mention what kind of Dell laptop being used when encountering the Realtek audio driver problem when OP did not specify what kind of audio driver problem that person was experiencing

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