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patseguin    1,328

Thanks for everyone's patience! I'm pretty knowledgeable in building gaming computers and I go all the way back to Commodore 64. When it comes to Servers though, I am a noob.


Turns out I was going about this all wrong. I was creating a new domain on the new server and having all kinds of problems. I had a local IT company come out and the guy spent about 2 hours here. He said the right way to do it is join the new server to the existing domain, promote it, and demote the old server. I can't believe I was so stupid not to think of that. We're all good now. I just have to install Filemaker server and my other apps and I'm golden.


I want to thank everyone in this thread who devoted so much time to trying to help me out.

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sc302    1,791

That was my very last post or second to last.  Glad you got it sorted

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