Afterlife/judging movie title based of a single memory of one scene?

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Hello fellow movie and tv-series watchers 🎞️

I don't believe I ever made a topic in this thread 😊 


If I have a memory of a scene in a movie(I don't think it's an animated movie) is anyone here perhaps more in tune with the world of cinema than me?

Here goes.. The scene I remember is of a path/stairs/steps where people are to be judged by the use of their hearts truth. Meaning I believe that the whole line of people are all waiting to be judged by the use of a scale and some of the characters have known problems by that; the truth of their heart(pureness)

I get the feeling it's of course an afterlife movie or circles around the realm of the dead before being allowed to enter the afterlife.

It's a dark scene, with a huge portal that people enter through.

Also, perhaps I'm incorrectly remembering the topic of afterlife and if it's actually about entering an eternity of damnation. 


This is all I have to go by.

The more I write this it might be too much for a live action movie to deal with - and it could be an animated movie afterall.


If anyone has just the faintest idea then please me out.. I have a thing for movies about the afterlife and the trials therein - the judging of sorts.


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