Resident Alien (2021)

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Steven P.




Looks cool from the trailer, so that will be another SyFy show that I really like and gets cancelled after one or two seasons.



S01E01 airdate: Jan 27 2021

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That's my fear, too. It looks awesome in a dark comedy kinda way, which means it'll probably be my

cup of tea, and we'll get a cancellation notice just when it gets really good.

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Damo R.
On 27/01/2021 at 15:21, Steven P. said:




Looks cool from the trailer, so that will be another SyFy show that I really like and gets cancelled after one or two seasons.



S01E01 airdate: Jan 27 2021

I love this show!


Alan Tudyk is perfect for the role!

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Watching the first episode. The douchebag segment was pretty good.

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+E.Worm Jimmy

Didn't like it at first but forced myself though to finish 3 episodes.

Love it now :laugh:

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