Neowin's Fantasy Baseball Group

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Neowin's Fantasy Baseball Group!

Teams are as follows:


myie2_user---Pitt Pirates

Bonobozoot---Bono's Team




CatnipOligarthy---Yankees Suck

brianicoleman--RKellys Little Girls

Wheeee! Thanks bonobozoot for the work!

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live drafts are good but it's gonna be hard to get a time we can all agree on

Baseballs mainly a north american sport so as long as no one off our continent join we could do it.

Btw, Stevo are you Panther?

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Good idea on the sticky.  It will only be up until the draft  The draft is March 28th, 9:00 PM Central Standard Time

Dang you boog if you're making it at night do Saturday or Friday, not Sunday. :s Don't people still work?

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I play Yahoo Fantasy Football and Basketball, but I have yet to try my luck with the Fantasy Baseball. So I will be there Rookie here I guess.

I'm a rook at baseball too. I've played hockey before but never fantasy baseball.

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