Neowin's Official NCAA Tournament Contest!

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Hey everyone!

Time for...

Neowin's first annual NCAA Tournament!!!

Get your brackets out, get those stats ready, bust those brackets and join in the fun!

To play:

I will need you to send me your e-mail address. Mail it to boogsoftball@ (no space after the '@' of course)

This is a sign up through your e-mail address and I need to invite you to our game. If you don't e-mail me, you don't get in.

Just like with the NFL Pick-em, there will be a new avatar given to the winnaer of this contest. (sorry, the BOOG is cheap. Maybe we can give away a BOOG hat. Who knows)

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hehe, i've started a basketball bracket thread every year i've been here :p

hopefully you get better participation than mine

email on the way....

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OK, well I am biased so my picks went to a UConn vs. Pitt rematch for the championship with Pitt coming out on top :p

My Final Four = Kentucky vs. Pitt and UConn vs. Duke

Championship = Pitt vs. UConn

Winner = Pitt

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hmmm, i always suck at these. as much as i look at it, i always want to pick the higher seed, cuz they always sound better...

but we know for a fact that there is like at least 8 or so upsets in the first round every year.

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It just goes to show how biased these twirps are who picked the seeds. Duke gets a #1? After losing today?? After going 6-5 out of their last 11 games?

Unbelievable. I hope Duke loses in round 1.

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