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  • 3 weeks later...

This week was a very low scoring one, with none of the top 25 scoring over 50! The table remains pretty much the same as last week, with no one having gained any clear advantage as a result of this gameweek.

Has anyone entered the 'I Know the Score' or 'King of the Leagues'? If so, do they have a Neowin league?



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Ok, I have created an 'I Know The Score' Neowin league. To get there, go to the normal fantasy football page, and near the bottom left hand corner will be a link. Simply go into the 'I Know The Score' mini league search, and type 'Neowin' and join.

Lets see who really knows their stuff. :happy:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Don't delete people. There is no need to. Keep in everybody, no matter what their score is.

You can't just delete people cause you think they are crap.

Anyway, it sounds better when you tell people you are 'second out of 50' than 'second out or 10'.

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