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Really tiny

smaller than a trident gum pack

weighs the same as 4 quarters

Vol up and down, prev and next song.

Shuffle your music or flip a switch and go start to finish in a play list.

Pop off cap on bottom and it?s got it?s own USB 2 connector, like any memory card.

Turn upside down and add a lanyard loop to the top, so you can carry it around your neck.


not the whole story?

New AutoFill feature in iTunes. It will auto fill your iPod shuffle randomly, or by your settings, like your most played.

the window shows it?s only about 512 meg

The current crop are at 256 meg

iPod shuffle is 2 models

512 meg for $99

1 gig for $149

Shipping TODAY





sports case

battery extender

$29 each over next 4 weeks.

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man now i need to decide whether to get an i book or a mac mini, grrrr


I have that exact same problem :pinch:

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$30 for an armband?  That's almost have the cost of the device itself - that is an enourmous rip-off.


Why else do you think they are selling them for $99? Because they will make a buttload off of accessories.

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