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another dream car of mine would be an all british car with an all british engine that beats all the other cars.

but that never going to happen.

also about the arieal attom. I WANT ONE i'd jsut love to turn up in to college in one then put my disabled blue badges up when i park in a disabled space LOL

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Remember Fast and Furious I

At the end when Van Diezel drives a Dodge Challanger. What a beauty man :)

Real muscle car (i sound like american but im not :)

I would like to have beast like that or BMW M3.

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Lamborghini Murcielago - That's my dream dream car

'67 Shelby GT - That's my classic dream car

Acura RSX Type-S - That's my realistic dream car

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McLaren F1 best.. supercar.... ever.. (Until buggati launches the F1)


totally, i am surprised not many people brought it up.

after that, it would probably be a lambo or ferrari for me.

somewhere not too far down the list will be mercedez mclaren slr f1.

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1969 Charger Daytona 440 or god of Muscle the 426 HEMI (only 503 where made and 70 where HEMI) or 1970 Plymouth Superbird either 440 4 or 6 pack or 426 HEMI :-D

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Wow, erm...

Within the next 5 years: Peugeot 106 GTI

Ever: So many...

Ferrari 360 Modena (Only nice Ferrari ever IMO, although the new 430 is soooo hot)

Aston Martin DB9

Citroen Xsara WRC (The actual one, driven by Sebastian Loeb a few years back. It looked so good on the tarmac!)

VW Golf R32 (So beautiful)

Saleen S7 (Only saw it for the first time earlier this year, but wow)

But my favourite of all time, I must agree with altezza, is the McLaren F1

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My Dream car that I hope I will someday be able to acquire is a 911 Turbo. It's a beautiful machine that I just love to look at and hopefully drive one day.

But I have been partial to this beast however.


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ah yes i forgot about morgan nice looking cars.

i love to go in one of them :)

ah another dream of mine would be that britian would become the best automotive manufacturing country in the world again.

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Oh NO!  A RICE BOY!  The Fast and the Furious kind of 9sec Civic...  I don't understand this, buying a cheap Civic and changing everything in it....  Why not just buy a Saleen Mustang GT or better a Viper instead?



Haha. Yes, I do like rice. ;)

And no, I'm not talking about "The Fast and the Furious kind of 9sec Civic." I hate that crap, that movie ruined the scene imo. It basically showed people what the bad side of imports are, body kits and crap like that. The Civic I am talking about isn't like that. Looks stock but when you open the hood, then damn. And to reply to your question on why not just buy a Saleen or a Viper, well because they are expensive. Yeah, I wouldn't mind a Saleen at all, but if you think about it, it is cheaper. You can go out and buy a Civic for what? 3, maybe 4 grand. Do a swap, which will cost around the same, then, depending if you want NA or forced induction, that will cost around the same also. So total would be around 12,000 for a nice 12-13 sec. car. Not bad at all. Now compare that to the cars you said. Alot more expensive. Plus a nice small Honda will do wonders on the track. ;)

I myself, like how imports look. I sure wouldn't mind a classic car like a GTO or a Shelby either. I don't get why you domestic people always make fun of people that like imports, it's all a matter of preference, you hate the body kits, I know. But think about this, most import enthusiasts hate them just as much. I too, don't understand what it is with people that basically **** up their cars and put a body kit on it like that crap on "The Fast and the Furious." Can't we all just get along? :laugh:

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Jaguar XJ220

Not the most popular, but a very nice car.


I'm with you there my friend, when was it released... 1992? Still - a VERY VERY nice car, Jaguar haven't really done anything AS special since.




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Has to be a Lotus Carlton for me, they are still legendary in my opinion upon release it was (still is i think) the fastest saloon car in the world.

and it looks mental considering what it's based on.

This was it's shell based on a Vauchall Carlton


A couple of years later and Lotus playing about you get this.


3.6 Twin Turbo


0-60=5.4 secs

Max Speed=176mph

(this is the fastest someone ever took the car on the test strip, they literally ran out of track, a theorectical top speed of 250mph)

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