What's your favourite Sport?


What is is Neowin's favourite sport?  

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  1. 1. What is is Neowin's favourite sport?

    • American Football/Rugby
    • Soccer
    • Ice Hockey/normal Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Any form of Racing
    • Atheletics
    • Cricket
    • Winter Sports (e.g. Snowboarding, Skiing)

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is that canadian football ^^ ?? does it have the same rules as nfl

the CFL field twice as wide.

arena football is 1/2 of long and wide

My fav is American Football :ninja:

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Don't see Troll Hunting up there, the Worlds best Geek Sport.

Boxing isn't a sport, it's legalised violance.



hooray 4 criket.....soccer is a world game after all

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1) alpine ski racing. proud member of the USSA and NYSSRA

2) mountain biking. gotta love a clear blue day and endless miles of single track

3) Kayaking. crystal clear lakes and rivers

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moutian biking has changed a bit, there are a few new names for whats going on:

#1) Trail Riding - riding on easy to moderate trails with no jumps, or logs/skinnies, just normal riding.

#2) Free Riding - Northshore style, big tires, big suspentions, for big dops and big jumps

#3) good old Dirt Jumping - with 26" tires, ****es off the BMX kids so much.

#4) Urban - the new craze with kids riding wall gaps and doing trials in the middle of town.

As you can tell, I love mountian biking, mostly urban and free ride. :D

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