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Unofficial port of Koops Antimatter windowblinds theme. Unofficial cos I wont be bugfixing or answering the same questions about black text 50 times. Do what you want with the VS. Mod, fix your own bugs, re-release, etc etc. Only 1 font version included (all substyles comepletely frutigerfied, so you might wanna enable cleartype)

4 substyles

Original - Compact

Original - Full

Flag - Compact

Flag - Full

3 Shellstyles

Black Left

Black Top

Black Ultra Thin Top (works!)


Do that ^ to solve most black text issues.

If you still have firefox tab colour issues, add this to your usercrome.css firefox file

tab {
   color: white !important;
   min-width: 150px !important;
   width: 150px !important;
   max-width: 150px !important;

There are other interface tweaks you might wanna do for various apps like thunderbird. They define their own colours, instead of drawing from system ones, depending on your theme.

Remember, it's not 100% perfect. Did the best I could =)



Thin Taskbar - Thin Caption bar



Rectangled Foton by PeRKoniX


Wall - http://www.customize.org/details/39112

Icon - Element desturated

Mail & Clock - Samurize configs, with images I jacked from some konfabulator widgit.

Foobar - http://foobar.nub4life.net/columns/pafiled...tion=file&id=39 midnight theme

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By "unofficial" do you also mean you never got permission?


Nah MATT0 has full permission .. ports all koops themes

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AMAZING !!!  been using for awile  with WB but this will get plenty of people out of your hair


No kidding man, loads of anonymous IM's and emails about this one.

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Awesome except for the tiny min, max, and close buttons.  I couldn't stand using the theme because the buttons are just too small.


Mod =) Release for others who dont like it either.

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The only VS to make me drop my iMac for more than five minutes. To change from Foton.

I almost don't want to go back. If OS X theming wasn't so complex, and Tiger not due out in just over two weeks, I'd ask to port. Hell, I may still give it a go when ShapeShifter gets updated.

Brilliant work. Luckily I'm a ###### for dark themes, so I learned to deal with black text on black long ago.

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And I was afraid that this would never be released.... :wacko:

Too bad with for the Firefox problem... wonder if someone would be able to solve it... *prays*

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I think it can be solved by tweaking your userChrome.css file, but I'm not sure how to do it myself. Surely someone on this forum will now the answer.

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