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Unofficial port of Koops Antimatter windowblinds theme. Unofficial cos I wont be bugfixing or answering the same questions about black text 50 times. Do what you want with the VS. Mod, fix your own bugs, re-release, etc etc. Only 1 font version included (all substyles comepletely frutigerfied, so you might wanna enable cleartype)

4 substyles

Original - Compact

Original - Full

Flag - Compact

Flag - Full

3 Shellstyles

Black Left

Black Top

Black Ultra Thin Top (works!)


Do that ^ to solve most black text issues.

If you still have firefox tab colour issues, add this to your usercrome.css firefox file

tab {
   color: white !important;
   min-width: 150px !important;
   width: 150px !important;
   max-width: 150px !important;

There are other interface tweaks you might wanna do for various apps like thunderbird. They define their own colours, instead of drawing from system ones, depending on your theme.

Remember, it's not 100% perfect. Did the best I could =)



Thin Taskbar - Thin Caption bar



Rectangled Foton by PeRKoniX


Wall - http://www.customize.org/details/39112

Icon - Element desturated

Mail & Clock - Samurize configs, with images I jacked from some konfabulator widgit.

Foobar - http://foobar.nub4life.net/columns/pafiled...tion=file&id=39 midnight theme


Awesome desktop!

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mmmm I didnt receive any PM from you chross and you didn't provide an email cel_damage


Sorry Karma,

you sent me this VS at once when I asked you via PM again. Maybe my first PM got lost but nevermind. I LOVE the mod.

U rock!

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Hey, can karma_police (or someone else) email me his mod? I've tried a few times sending a PM to karma, but I don't think they're going through (my message center has been funky the past week or so (messages aren't saved). If any kind soul is willing, my email is cubbie5150 at yahoo.com


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wow, I really like dark skins, but about 98% of them always end up looking like crap! This is absolutely perfect! I love it. Question, what is the Yz toolbar theme you're using?

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  • 2 months later...

I don't know if he wants people giving it out, he's always said to PM him.

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Does Karma's modded vs have the fixed version of the firefox tabs? Cause that's the problem I'm having still. If so, could someone email it to me? I'll pm karma too. Thanks.

Email: asiarules@gmail.com

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hi all


i like your mod very much, one of the best styles ever so far... and probably the ONLY pure dark theme that's usable!

dunno if it's appropriate but could u change the font of the tabs in the task bar ? or at least tell me how i could do it myself

i tried changing that but it's always the same no matter what i do

it's too bold n for me somehow :pinch:

other two things that are... kinda like a wishlist item..

first the Search for files and Folders menu..


see the problem ? can that be colored in black too ? :cool:

and the other... could u make the start menu of the Fotonart Square shellstyle like the one from default Fotonart shellstyle just ... all square ? :blush:

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I still have it but I dont think I can upload it.

Correct me if I'm wrong so that I can upload it =P

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