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Unreal Tournment 2004 and Used to be Playing Warcraft III Frozen Throne

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Man, you guys play Battlefield 2 a lot. I'm trying to save up money inorder to purchase this great FPS game! :D

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Bloodrayne 2, GTA III/VC/SA, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Alice & FlatOut.

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Halo 2, Madden '06, Ghost Recon: Summit Strike, and MVP Baseball 2005

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Counter-Strike SOURCEEEE

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I'm playing Battlefield 2 mostly at the moment, bit of Source here and there but i suck now.

I tried getting back into WoW but it seems all too much like one massive grind.

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Battlefield 2, nothing else.

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Playing C.O.D. again.

I like it.

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Just finished GR:SS on XBOX, Currently playin Tekken 5 on PS2 & Just finished D3:ROE on PC. Dont know yet what I will be playing next on XBOX & PC.

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Obi Wong

World of Warcraft (Y)

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World Of Warcraft, F.E.A.R. Demo, Tradewars 2002, Hot Shots Golf ( PSP )

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America's Army.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on DS. (borrowed the DS and game off my mate... in exchange for a psp + ridge racer :p)

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counter strike: source, guild wars, UT 2004 an tekken 5 on ps2. :D

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john johnson

counter strike: source, ghost recon

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i love playing americas army on the bridge crossing map. i play bf2 but there is too many idiots on there, i always get shot by my team mates lol i also play a bit of yahoo pool

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Playing UT2004 a bit lately (trying out all the bonus packs).

Was playing Star Wars Galaxies for a while but cancelled my accounts a couple weeks ago.

Thinking of playing World Of Warcraft again.

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Unreal Tournament (original, it rocks)


Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Day Of Defeat

Was also play BF2 online other day with 64 players - its crazy

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Playing through HL2 agains becuase theres nothing better.

Started playing Warrior Within but i'll probably get bored of it in around 2-3 hours of playing.

Tried out Boiling Point last night. Lots of potential but due to all bugs and the poor presentation it's pretty terrible. :(

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Final Fantasy VII

Starcraft Brood War

CS.... Woo old games own. :p

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Half-Life 2

Far Cry

F.E.A.R. Demo

Dungeon Siege 2 Demo

At the moment that is.

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Guild Wars

Counter Strike: Source

F.E.A.R Single Player Demo - On hardest difficulty with pistol :devil:

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