Iceman's Jaguar 2.0


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Looks very good, but I have a question. Just curious - why does everyone want their WinXP to look like OSX?

Ive also wondered that for a while;

I just use the Watercolor 4.2 theme, Windows Classic, or Luna.... I see no point in this Mac OS X look, because it will never look like the true thing.

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Wow,this theme is really cool. I haven't used a mac theme for awhile (got sick of all the white)., but this theme is so different from all the others. Love the buttons and the thin taskbar and the ...hell i love all of it!! The brushed metal version is AMAZING!!! :o

Very well done, great work!! :)

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Where can i get the Trash icon from the screenshots?

It may be included in the icons packaged with the theme. If not, go to his site and get the icon by itself or install the shell32.dll he has. The shell32 is really great and changes just about all of the main windows icons to OSX-style ones. Looks really good. :D

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I just got say agian..this theme is AMAZING !!! :woot:

I've been using it for the last 2 days now and I'm still saying WOW

Thank you so much Iceman for making the most perfect theme :yes: PERFECT i tell ya

I'm using the brushed metal blue .....everything is just soo easy to read, the buttons are to die amazing, the brushed metal looks so real. EVERTHING i tells ya is PERFECT

Keep up the great work!!

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Thanks for the mirror castor_troyuk! :)

i have another need though (ok, want :happy: ), is anyone hosting the, um, well you know what i'm talking about: the little file with all the icons? :blink:

If anyone would host it, tell me where else to find it, or send it to me, it would be greatly appreciated (sp?)

....wait a sec, i noticed a cool little the file under 512000bytes by any chance? :rolleyes:

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