Puzzle Box 2

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Maybe we need to wait for a clue from the events?

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this is the pic from LASER.. maybe we have to mirror the image


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Cratt Mouch

I did lasers too, using all the mirrors, without anything coming up. I've got an image of the completed one, if anybody thinks they can do anything with it.

EDIT: Just beaten. Dang.


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tis closed!

Agreed Apogee the topic is still closed.

I have created another one PUZZLE BOX OPEN

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Calendar Wheel answer is "BRONZE"

line up the pictures that match the first image.

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Hello there!

Yes, I have managed to work out the third book! The Pirate Treasure one.

The answer it gives is: "How many rays"

Looking at the Singapore picture, coming out of the sun there were 17.

So the ANSWER to book three is : SEVENTEEN

Hope this helps!



PS I have jumped the gun and done the book called: Number Grid. here is what i found:


I did an anagram site, and the only one word it gives me is: CONTEST but its not accepting that answer any ideas?

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New thread for Box 3: http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?show...31483&st=60

If someone could PM me a summary of all the info we learned from Box 2 (solutions, how they were solved etc) similar to what we have in the box 1 thread, I'll update the first post here to make it easy to find all the info.

Good work as always, now get cracking on the new box :D

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