Glass Toast for Vista

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in Vista, the balloon popups look like the ones from XP.


However, at some point in the longhorn beta's, they actually looked like this:


I wanted to recreate that effect for vista, and made a small application to do so: GlassToastst.

First Version


What's working?

+ intercept notification balloons and replace them with a glass toast (longhorn 4xxx style)

+ notifications give the same response as real balloons (eg. "click here balloons" initiates the same acation with glass toasts)

+ made stuff a bit prettier.

What's stupid?

+ all offset values are hardcoded. All others are derived from bitmap sizes.

+ stupid DWM blurring: mask.bmp is used for masking out the blur on parts that should be 100% transparent; white = invisible; black=visible in the mask.bmp

+ occasionally some problems (seems not all applications use the correct flags)


Danny helped with some resources, for which I thank him gratefully :)

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Alright dude, well I'm going out to watch the hockey game and probably will be gone for the night so send me a PM if you want me to see about compiling it here on x64 or if you find someone else then that's fine.

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