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DrunknMunky - Drung-kn-mung-ke

n: The ancient and sacred art of Kung Fu that emphasizes the use of misleading movement and deception as a way of disorienting opponents. The "Drunkn" style is not a true system for the techniques are not unique to it, but rather the manner it's applied. There are no forms.

Today's society has evolved into a monstrous machine riding on the wheels of tainted institutions fueled by the media and powerful corporations. Masked by the "golden era" of technology, the masses have slowly evolved into mere sheep. A man is no longer judged by his actions but rather by his image.

DrunknMunky is a clothing company dedicated to break free from the system. Based on the philosophies of the ancinet Kung Fu style. We strive to create more than just "good" clothing, but to expose the "Drunkn" nature in the hearts and souls of every individual willing to realize it. DrunknMunky is not specific to any particular life style nor does it promote one. There is no one or the other, right or wrong. We do not care what race you are or what music you listen to, whether you skate on land or water, paint on canvases or walls. DrunknMunky represents all those who are not afraid to be who they want to be. It is a force that exists deep in everyone, but a force that is realized by choice.


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