[rel] Gmail Notifier Plus for Windows 7

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Updated with version 2.1.2:




You can now buy me a beer! btn_donate_SM.gif

Change log for 2.1.2:

[Fix] The application was not working properly when multiple users are logged in simultaneously

[Fix] Danish translation was not working

Thanks a lot to all translators:

- Japanese by wwwcfe

- German by Ufuk Yilmaz

- Dutch by Enzo Lima

- Spanish by Sergio Portillo

- Swedish by J.D.

- Traditional Chinese by L.H.O.O.Q.

- Simplified Chinese by idreamxis

- Russian by Кирилл Путинцев and Daniel Yermolchuck

- Polish by lgenio8

- Hungarian by Nagy Norbert

- Danish by Simon Jensen

- Brazilian Portuguese by Marcos Pulido

- Italian by Daniele Bemportato

- Portuguese by Peopleware Team

- Hebrew by Shasoosh

- Turkish by Emre Akkas

- Arabic by Bashar Kokash

- Estonian by Vahur

- Romanian by Oana Ilyes

- Slovenian by Robert Koritnik

- Serbian by Марко Кажић

- Bulgarian by Yavor Atanasov

- Czech by Ale? Chadim & Adam Křička

- Lithuanian by Tomas Daba?inskas

- Greek by alucard von kain

- Catalan by Thorec & Marc Carnero

- Serbian (Latin) by Dra?en Milovanović

- Finnish by Oula Lehtinen

- Croatian by Karmela Me?trović

- Norwegian by Lasse V?gs?ther Karlsen

- Latvian by Mārtiņ? Lapsa

- Ukrainian by Eduard Pelesh

- Belorussian by Иван Александрович

- Slovak by Milan Regec

- Azeri by AzeriFire

- Persian by Hadi Es

Change log for 2.1.1:

[New] Added new translations: Czech, Lithuanian, Greek, Catalan, Serbian (Cyrillic & Latin), Finnish, Croatian, Norwegian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Slovak, Azeri & Persian

[New] Added a donate button in the About screen as requested by some people

[Change] Removed broken auto login function and reverted to the original mailbox url mechanism until a fix is found :(

[Fix] The application can't be maximized anymore using Win+Up

Change log for 2.1:

[New] Added new translations: Hebrew (with right-to-left UI), Turkish, Arabic (with right-to-left UI), Estonian, Romanian, Slovenian, Serbian & Bulgarian

[Fixed] Updated mail counter overlay to be more readable (finally!) ;)

Change log for 2.0.3:

[New] Added new translations: Danish, Italian and Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal)

[Fixed] Localization of the tooltip for the "Previous" and "Next" buttons was not loaded properly

[Fixed] Error message when launching another instance of the application

Change log for 2.0.2:

[Fixed] Custom sound location was not saved properly when your settings file was originally created by version 1.2 or below

[Fixed] Settings window sometimes failed to open properly

Change log for 2.0.1:

[New] The application is now available in 12 languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Thanks to all translators!

[Fixed] Crash when you receive a mail with no subject

[Fixed] Overlay icon was not restored after explorer.exe crashes

[Fixed] Custom sound selection dialog would appear when re opening the settings window if no sound was selected

Change log for 2.0:

[New] Multiple accounts support A default account can now be set. It will be used when clicking on "Compose mail" or "Go to your inbox"

[New] Customizable sound notification

[New] Removed glass effect from mail preview for more usability

[New] Supporting up to 99 mails

[New] Switched to the recently released Windows 7 Code Pack v1.0 (Windows 7 specific features should be more stable)

[Fixed] Crash when moving to the next mail when there are more than 20 mails

[Fixed] Automatic login not working when password contains special characters

[Fixed] Crash when settings were transferred from another machine

What's new in 1.2:

- Google Apps support

- Application will no longer appear first in alt-tab

- Fixed mail counter in preview when there are more than 99 unread messages

- Additional bug fixing

What's new in 1.1:

- Updated unread counter icon to make it clearer

- Added multi-language support: English, French and Spanish (thanks Demgel!) at the moment.

- Added automatic login to gmail when opening a message or the inbox

The Gmail icon used in this application was created by Chris IvarsonIf the jump list is not working for you, make sure you have this option checked (thanks <username snipped> for figuring this out)


Feel free to report any bug you might encounter :)

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Looks awesome :D Download when I get home :p

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Looks great. Now I'm wishing I had Windows 7. :p Is the number icon clearer when in use? Might be nice if you could enlarge that area just a tad bit more.

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I have Sky email in the UK which uses GoogleMail, but the IMAP settings are completely different to GoogleMails, will this work for me or not?

No idea, I guess you'd have to try it out. As I said, it is using Gmail's RSS feed.

@mail: do you have .NET Framework 3.5 installed?

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Yeah I thought about that too at the beginning but since it was mainly for my personal use at first, I decided to stick to Gmail :)

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Multiple account support?

What you've got there + features from Gmail manager for firefox, would make your app PERFECT!

Edited by Grunt
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I love it, even though it doesn't really follow Microsoft's UX guidelines for jump lists (aka items not pinnable, not all jump list functions are available when the app isn't running, ...)

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Very nice, with one issue, I'm not sure what causes it, but the Tasks are disappearing for me.

EDIT: Actually, I think it's happening right after the thing is done checking for mail.

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was hoping for 'pin to taskbar' guess not so uninstalling

umm. yeah there is, when it's running, right click: ahhhhhhhh /angelic sound: Pin to Taskbar!

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