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That's the messiest, most convoluted desktop I've ever seen. How do you work with that and not go into an Epileptic seizure?

Quite easily, since the top desktop is stitting above me on it's own monitor, and the larger desktop is the one in front of me. The Circle Dock is not always there, and becomes opaque when I either click on my middle mouse button or the "Windows+ALT" key combination.

The rest of the less critical things for me on my larger desktop all have their "Opacity" set to 20%. I'm just the kind of guy who likes to keep track of things on his computer's desktop.


Wow... you just put EVERYTHING you could throw in there? :blink:

Yeah, well...I'm an InfoGeek and ScienceGeek, and this desktop suits me just fine. Alot of it also helps me with my Streaming Music show on the 'net.


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I hadn't updated my desktop for a long time, but I just had to use this picture I took last week as wallpaper. For some reason it makes me smile every time I see it :p

Window borders: freshdark.

Widgets: freshdark (the app in the second screenshot is QT, though).

Icons: black-white 2 style, with some customized icons. I'll replace some more eventually, but I can't be bothered right now.

Album cover widget: covergloobus with the polaroid theme.


On a non related note, I recently noticed they had released GuitarPro6 for Linux, and I couldn't help buying it :blush:


Is it for mac?

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threw osx on my mini... three OS's this thing went though in a week.

7 - ran pretty good, booted fast and lots of games

ubuntu - gorgeous, booted the quickest, UI the slowest, no games...

osx - almost as gorgeous (honestly ubuntu IMO is the nicest looking os), boot the slowest, but performed the best. Warcraft runs best on this OS compared to the other two hands down. almost 5-7 more fps a second avg.

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