4G signal could hit digital television signal in the UK

Everything Everywhere, except on your television.

While it isn't exactly widespread yet, there is a 4G-LTE rollout happening in the United Kingdom. Granted, prices are extortionately high at the moment, but it might be possible to understand why. Rolling 4G out took time but the costs might not yet be over; another £180m bite out of the government's pocket might be just around the corner.

4G-LTE in the UK operates on the 1800MHz band, but the government is also auctioning the right to use the 800MHz spectrum for LTE. More than two million televisions could see the ramifications of this being sold, for the two frequencies are dangerously close. The result could be distorted video, and even some complete blackouts. Reconnecting the televisions could somehow take up to £10,000 per case.

Should there be issues with digital television and the 4G-LTE rollout on the 800MHz band over the next year, the impact for Freeview users could completely ruin their viewing experience. Somehow, that'll also cost the government the guts of £200 million to put right.

Source: Independent

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