65,000 Android phones ship per day; tethering coming soon

Google said on Thursday that they are shipping 65,000 Android operating system-based handsets per day.  Android is available on 34 different devices and in 49 different countries around the world.

Eric Schmidt said "It looks like Android is going to be either the number one or number two player," in a live stream over Google's very own, YouTube.  With numbers as high as 65,000 shipped units per day, Google can rival Apple's iPhone, which reportedly shipped 8.75 million units last quarter.

According to industry research firm NPD, Android-powered smartphones in the US accounted for 28% of sales in the first quarter of this year, compared to 21% for the iPhone.  Research in Motion currently holds the top spot with 36% total marketshare, as of the first quarter of this year.

Google also announced recently that the Android phone will also allow you to tether it with your laptop or device.  Android 2.2 (Froyo) update will enable smartphones to turn into a mobile WiFi hotspot, so you can wireless tether your devices to your phone. 

It's still unclear which carriers will offer this feature, or simply block users from accessing it - as many AT&T customers still know, you can't tether your iPhone just yet.


image courtesy of TechCrunch

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