8BitDo announces the Sn30 Pro+ with button remapping and adjustable sensitivity

8BitDo has gained some popularity among the gaming community thanks to its lineup of retro-inspired controllers and accessories. One of its most popular products was the Sn30 Pro, a controller inspired by the SNES controller, which can be used with PCs and the Nintendo Switch. Now, the company is expanding upon it with one of its most ambitious products yet, the Sn30 Pro+.

The company announced the controller today on Twitter, and it offers some premium features. It's being released alongside 8BitDo Ultimate Software, which will let you remap the buttons on your controller, adjust the sensitivity and actuation zones of both the analog sticks and the shoulder triggers, adjust the vibration intensity, and even create macros, so you can press a single button to simulate a sequence of button presses. All of this information is synced into the controller, so it'll work on when you're using with a PC as well as with a Switch. The button remapping feature allows players to map keys differently between the two platforms, though.

The controller can be used both wirelessly and in wired mode, and it'll work with Windows, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, and, of course, the Nintendo Switch.

The Sn30 Pro+ is available for pre-order on Amazon, and it'll begin shipping on August 7, and it costs $49.99. For Nintendo fans, that's less than Nintendo's own Switch Pro Controller that can't do any of those things. On the other hand, if you're using it with a Switch, you'll be missing out on HD rumble, six-axis motion controls - despite the fact that the controller has a six-axis motion sensor - and support for amiibo scanning.

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