AIM Lite 0.32

AIM Lite is a reference application for testing some new client technology developed here at AOL®, with the goal of being a simple, fun, light IM client. It also supports themes that are made up of Boxely markup and OpenAIM plugins that are written in Boxely markup and Javascript. This is Experimental Software. What does that mean? Basically we put this software out there so we could experiment with it, and decided to share. Since it's experimental, it may contain errors, bugs, and may change with little or no notice. We might change the color scheme, we might change the functionality -- that's what makes it experimental. We don't recommend it for production environments or critical systems, so check out the terms and conditions before you enjoy it.


  • Added DIM support (send, save)
  • Save custom away messages
  • hibernate/suspend support
  • Privacy support
  • Buddy icon support, drag and drop from web page
  • Host based profiles (no more overwriting profiles)
  • Fix a few edge case memory Leaks
  • Clean up Installer
  • Better error codes
  • Weren't properly reseting save password
  • Don't create certain shortcuts on upgrade
  • Improve bl save position
  • Resize images for dim, buddy icons upport
  • Allow IM's to stay open on sign off
  • Better reconnect when network is dead
  • Removing branding on installer
  • IM's don't pop up to top
  • Fix double enter login error
  • UI tweaks to im window
  • Various changes to underlying services, aimcc, cool, xprt, boxely
Download: AIM Lite 0.32 | 1.76MB (Freeware)
Link: Home Page | Forum Discussion (Thanks Valmor)

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