Aliens vs. Predator III

As Assistant Producer for Fox Interactive, Mr. Paul Pawlicki is on the forefront of production for both AvP II and AvP II: Primal Hunt, along with some other of Fox's upcoming games - in this interview, PlanetAvP talks to him about all three:

Aliens vs. Predator II. Aliens vs. Predator II: Primal Hunt. Aliens vs. Predator III.

"PlanetAvP - What are the future plans for the AvP franchise? For our last question now: are there any plans for an AvP III?

Paul Pawlicki - There will definitely be an AvP3 but we aren't going to rush it to market. We want to make sure that it is a worthy successor to AvP1 and AvP2. There are also plans afoot for other games set in the Aliens and Predator universes that you will start to see increasing amounts of info on in the coming months."

News source: PlanetAvP

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