Amazon to launch standalone music streaming service; Prime Music users collectively sigh

According to Reuters, Amazon is to launch a new music streaming service for $9.99 a month. The service is to rival competitors such as Apple Music and Spotify.

In case you're confused, yes, Amazon already has a streaming music service called Amazon Prime Music, something that's offered to all Prime subscribers; however, it offers a limited selection. The new standalone service will have the same sort of variety that competing services do.

It's not immediately clear what this will mean for Prime Music users, although the report suggests that Amazon will likely continue to offer it as a more basic service. It seems likely that it would become cumbersome to have two different on-demand streaming music services that provide different options. Surely, Prime Music users were simply hoping that their service would be improved over time.

The news isn't entirely surprising. Back in April, the firm announced a new standalone video streaming service; however, that service only mirrors the existing Prime Video offering.

Would you sign up for Amazon's music streaming service? Let us know in the comments!

Source: CNBC | Image via Shutterstock

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