AMC's new 'Walking Dead' Story Sync app has preview of new Windows 8 TV ad

Just before the launch of Windows 8 in 2012, Microsoft ran a special TV commercial for the operating system during the third season premiere of the hit AMC zombie TV series "The Walking Dead." Today, AMC launched a Story Sync app for Windows 8 just a day before the fourth season's premiere begins on Sunday night.

The Story Sync app is meant to be interacted with while a person watches "The Walking Dead" live. It offers users trivia about each episode along with online polls and exclusive videos. Previously, the app was available via a web browser, but now Windows 8 tablet and notebook owners can download and use the app without having to open a browser.

The app already has content to check out ahead of Sunday's season four premiere, including preview clips of the episode and the new three-part online-only mini-episode "The Oath." Most importantly, the app has some behind-the-scenes photos of a new show-themed Windows 8 TV commercial, "Zombie Move-in," which presumably will be shown during the premiere.

You may remember that the first "Walking Dead" Windows 8 TV ad from a year ago showed a male instant messaging a female friend from a tablet while watching an episode in his home. At one point in the commercial the friend appeared to turn into a zombie, with the IM reading that she could not wait to "eat you." AMC and Microsoft released a follow-up TV ad for the season finale of "The Walking Dead" earlier this year, where it was revealed that the friend was just a regular human female coming over to the man's house to watch the show.

Source: Windows Store | Image via AMC

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